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Introducing SureCloud’s complimentary application which not only helps businesses gain a holistic view of their critical suppliers, but also fuels data-driven insights in to the global supply chain posture, creating research that everyone can benefit from.

Start simple by:

  • Documenting your key assets & processes
  • Assessing critical 3rd & 4th party suppliers
  • Reporting with our flexible dashboards

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Why is Supply Chain Management critical during this time of uncertainty?

The way we manage and rely on our suppliers has significantly transformed in recent weeks –organizations need to adapt and plan for impacts in their supply chain to stay abreast of their risk landscape.

As noted in the Harvard Business Review, the importance of understanding your supply chain and fourth parties has never been more prevalent; 'The vast majority of global companies have no idea of what their risk exposure is; that’s because few, if any, have complete knowledge of all the companies that provide services or parts to their direct suppliers.'

Assess Your Risks and Participate in Global Research with SureCloud

You can contribute to global business insights by using the SureCloud Platform to assess your supply chain risks. By gaining insight into your own supply chain risks during this unprecedented period, you'll also be supporting other organizations with their resilience view. Your organization will play their part by providing valuable statistics regarding the current state of the supply chain. SureCloud will then present the results as part of a wider anonymized measurement in support of its analysis and learnings. Resulting in a report on global trends relating to the impact and readiness of supply chains.

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Why use SureCloud's tool to help you manage your supply chain?


Save Time

SureCloud’s Platform is agile and designed to be deployed rapidly, giving your business a time advantage. Start sending questionnaires directly to your critical suppliers in a matter of days, not weeks.


Leverage Prebuilt Content

Take advantage of prebuilt supply chain questionnaires, reports, and dashboards designed by the seasoned industry experts in SureCloud’s Risk Advisory Practice.


Contribute To Global Insights

SureCloud will anonymize and normalize data from client suppliers to measure and report on global trends relating to the impact and readiness of supply chains, before sharing this analysis for learning.

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SureCloud’s complimentary solution provides…

A simple workflow for documenting key business processes and performing business impact assessment.

A centralized list of suppliers alongside which business processes they form part of.

Pre-built assessments for measuring potential supplier risks during a period of global uncertainty.

Actions you can take with SureCloud's solution:

  1. Document key processes and assets
  2. Document your key 3rd and 4th parties
  3. Directly assess your supply chain
  4. Define and manage both issues and exceptions
  5. Report results via intuitive dashboards

Be up and running in days

  • Lighting fast deployment into production
  • Simple, elegant user interface for streamlined working
  • Library of training videos and user guides will ensure smooth user adoption and realization of value.
  • Support desk available during normal business hours.
  • Complimentary advice and guidance from industry experts using SureCloud’s Risk Advisory Practice.




Pre-built IT Supply Chain question set

- Leverage the predefined question sets to evaluate your supply chain developed by SureCloud's Risk Advisory team.

- Questions not only look at the current state but look at how you can prepare to move forward.


Contact Vendors Directly

- Use SureCloud SaaS solution to directly assess your vendors, no need to send out spreadsheets.

- Automatically follow up with vendors with pre-built email notifications based on the dates you set.

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Reporting Dashboards

- Track the progress of the assessment using SureCloud's powerful dashboard reporting capability.

- All of the data can be shared into external reporting tools such as PowerBi and Tableau.

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